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Our clients have tracked already 5394084024 kilometres with Cubeloc8!

Benefits of using Cubeloc8

Reduced fleet operation costs

Online following, fuel control, warnings and reporting provided by Cubeloc8 allows our clients to reduce fleet operation costs by up to 30%

Controlled fuel consumption

Cubeloc8 fuel control on trucks or special vehicles allows checking average fuel consumption remotely, identifying unloading stops and comparing fuelling data.

Increased work efficiency

Control route and time, automatically generate reports and use other features to increase the efficiency of fleet operation.

Digital Tachograph

A complete digital tachograph data storage and analysis solution ensures easy file management, remote access and download processes which can be automated.

Outstanding service quality

High quality support system is one of Cubeloc8 top priorities, as of result any questions and issues are solved quickly and effectively.

Rich API integration solutions

10 years experience and large client base have resulted in rich API integration solutions, which can be adjusted based on client’s needs.

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Review your fleet routes within specific region and time interval

Posted by Janis Boss

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Review your fleet routes within specific region and time interval

Posted by Janis Boss

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Online following

Fuel control



Communication with Garmin

Safety button

Connecting to CAN

Vehicle engine blocking

Temperature monitoring

Task management

Behaviour analysis

Tachograph data reading

Use when and where needed

  • WEB application
  • Cubeloc8 iPhone application
  • Cubeloc8 Android application
  • Mobile version


Through using Cubeloc8, we've been able to considerably improve control over our car fleet and driver discipline in regards to different tasks.


Cubeloc8 system considerably improves and facilitates our fleet management process. It has become a vital part of our business.

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